KiKū fosters connections between people and machines through meaningful, educational interaction.

We want learners of all ages — from 3 to 103 — to discover the beauty and fun of engineering.

KiKū is designed to expose learners to engineering tools and principles promoting their full potential, in the classroom or at home.
So what does KiKū do?


Lively lighting and rapid response make interaction with KiKū enjoyable and engaging.


Stream live video or take photos from KiKū's camera.


KiKū moves by code, remote control, and command.


Dis-assemble and assemble KiKū to learn how the pieces fit. Create new parts by using the tools we used to design KiKū. Modify, create, or purchase new parts to add new functionality.

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Easily connect the color coded cables to see KiKū light-up. Attach new lights, sound, or design your own circuit.

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Leverage the in-app code editor to control KiKū. Code and control KiKū from a browser or device. Design new actions, add features, or just have fun hacking the embedded open source operating system.

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KiKū Features

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Easily connect from almost any device

Simple programming environment

Long lasting rechargeable battery

3D print bespoke or replacement parts

Future proof with simple upgrades

Certified open source software and hardware

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KiKū Levels

Accommodating a variety of interests and budgets, KiKū offers the following options from full sophistication and automation to low level functionality.

KiKū Companion: A.I. autonomous system designed for interacting with early stage learners or an excellent platform for advanced learners to researchers for customizing and extending. Purchase

KiKū Servant: Wireless connection allowing remote programming and control from a device. Limited automonous capabilities. Purchase

KiKū Mindless: USB only connection allowing the upload of small programs to see KiKū beep, light-up, and wander. Great on the budget, but limited capabilities. Purchase

Companion Servant Mindless
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
JavaScript capable
Media Streaming HD
Media Streaming
Simple programming environment
Remote Control
Wireless Connectivity
Wired Connectivity
Animated Eyes
Long Lasting Battery
Cute ears and tail


Westminster, US
Phone: +1.720.270.9674
Email: [email protected]

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